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We alert you today of a single mother of 2 children (8 and 7 years old) that have been abandoned by their father. The mother and the father of the children were divorced in 2014. As the father of the children he had been supporting them with $1,700 per month in child support. In October of last year he stopped paying child support and quit his job. He is showing all of the signs of addiction gaining a tighter grip on his life and the family is really taking the hit.

The mother decided a year ago to move into a little more expensive area because the public schools in that area are really great for the special needs of one of her children. Combine that with this sudden loss of income and she has found herself in real need. She has very stable empoyment and we have worked through her budget. She can clearly make things work going forward. However, she is one month behind on rent and in danger of losing her apartment if she can not come up with the money.

We would like to help her with one month's rent plus the late and court fees.


Rent w/ late and court fees = $1,700

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