Need 22.40 – Young Couple Needs Help to Avoid Eviction

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Today, we alert you to a very young family of three that is facing eviction. The mother and father are 22 and 21 years old. They are a hard-working couple, managing to work two jobs each and care for their one-year-old daughter. Both husband and wife lost income earlier this year due to illnesses. The husband also sustained an injury that caused him to miss significant time at his job ...

Need 22.39 – Widower with 5 Children Needs Help

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We alert you today to a single father of five children, ages 12 to 6 months. In January, his wife of 10 years died from complications associated with COVID. She was 7 months pregnant at the time, and doctors were able to deliver her child before she passed away. She was the main caregiver and home-school teacher for her children, allowing her husband to provide for the family. Befo ...

Need 22.38 – Widow Dealing With Ankle Surgeries

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Today, we alert you to a widow who fell and broke her ankle in March of this year. Since losing her husband of 26 years, she has been able to provide for herself by working two jobs. She does administrative work during the day and serves tables at night. Her injury required the first of a series of surgeries in mid-April and another surgery earlier this month. In three weeks, she will ...

Need 22.37 – Single Mother Recovering From Throat Surgery

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We alert you today to a single mother of an eight-month-old little girl who had complications recovering from surgery to remove her tonsils. She scheduled the surgery and planned out the recovery time so that she could make ends meet from her existing savings. Two weeks after the surgery, she was not healing correctly and had to get another procedure, which extended her recovery time. ...

Need 22.36 – 36-Year-Old Single Woman Caring For Her Ailing Mother

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We alert you today to a 36-year-old single woman who is caring for her 70-year-old mother. Several weeks ago, the mother suffered from seizures in her home that caused her to fall and be injured. While treating her injuries, doctors discovered life-threatening blood clots. She underwent surgery and stayed in the hospital for seven days. When she returned home, her leg began to swell a ...

Need 22.35 – Very Hardworking Single Mother Needs Help

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We alert you to a very hard-working single mother of two children (16,9) who needs help with her rent. She lost her father last October. Shortly after that, she moved her family (including her mother) across the country to a more affordable area. She found a job and made a seamless transition without any gap in employment. The result has been higher pay and lower living expenses. She ...