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We alert you today of a young mother of 3 children that has been abandoned by her husband and the father of her children. She was a stay-at-home mother for the past four years, but that all changed a few months ago. Her husband was caught in an affair and then decided to abandon the family. This young mother does not have any family to support her. Her mother passed away when she was eleven years old and her father is an addict.

She attends one of our local church partners and has been able to secure a job and an apartment. The security deposit and some other expenses have been paid. We have also been able to get her some food for the children and other basic items. She will receive her first paycheck next week and the courts are working to get her child support. Our heart breaks for this young woman, but we are confident that she can provide for these kids. She just needs a little help getting on her feet, and losing her new apartment will only complicate matters for her and the children.

She is in need of one month's rent. She spent all she had getting into the new place. She has community around her and we are working closely with her through this trying time.


Rent = $1,050

Late Fee = $150

Total Need = $1,200

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