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Happy Friday!

We alert you today of a very hard working single mother of 3 kids that was forced to miss work to get her 13 year old son in line. They live in an area where it is easy to run with the "wrong crowd" so to speak and this mother dropped everything when her son went down the wrong path. The mother earns $9.75 per hour as a full-time caregiver. This leaves the 15, 13, and 9 year old home alone or at after school programs most days.

When her son got into some trouble the mother was forced to take off work to get him in line and on the right path. She is paid hourly and when she misses work, she does not get paid. She already holds things together paycheck to paycheck and this interruption has cause her to miss a utility bill. Now she is 2 months behind and in danger of having her power disconnected.

She has a great track record of providing for herself and 3 kids and we want to help her get back on track and continue to connect this family with our local church partner.


Power Bill = $415

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