Need Alert 20.57 – Single Woman with Parkinson’s and Cancer Needs Help

We alert you to a 61-year-old single woman that is very sick and needs our help. This Need Alert is a more considerable Need amount, so it will take all of us doing what we can to stabilize her situation. She has Parkinson’s, and it is advancing rapidly. She also is being treated for cancer that has spread to her lungs and possibly her liver. She has been in the hospital several times for surgeries for skin cancer treatment and heart problems over the past six months. She cannot drive because she is passing out sporadically, and doctors are working to figure out the cause. She has transitioned from work to disability. As I alert this Need, she is sitting in the dark without power. All of her food has gone bad, and she is without food or electricity. She submitted her need to ask for $400 to have her electricity turned back on. During the conversation, we discovered that she was in foreclosure, and she needs $4,100 to save her home. (Her monthly mortgage is far less than she could ever rent anywhere in her town) She also needs food for the month until she can get her next disability check. Our local chruch partner is coming around her, and we want to help them address her felt needs while ministering to her spiritual needs. The Need is $4,800 in total.






raised of a $4,800.00 goal

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