Need 21.48 – 86-Year-Old Widow Needs Two Months Of Help

One Need is a benevolence system for the Church. 1 John 3:18 challenges us to love in truth and in deed. If you are reading this Need Alert from One Need, you are what we call a Deeder, which means you are connected to a growing community of Christians who have a heart to help people in need. Because of your commitment to benevolence, we are able to support many local churches as they minister to people in need throughout their communities. Every Need Alert from One Need starts and ends at a local church because we feel it aligns us best with the Great Commission. Need Alerts give every Deeder a chance to pray for a person in need, share their need with others, and support that specific need as God leads. The larger our One Need Deeder Network, the more local churches we can help. Please consider sharing One Need with a friend, and invite them to join the Deeder Network via our homepage: Thank you for helping people in need and encouraging others to do the same.

Onward to today’s Need Alert! We are working with an 86-year-old woman who needs time to get her finances in order. She recently lost her husband. She was his full-time caretaker for four years, but they were only married for the last nine months of his life. They had not been married long enough for her to qualify to receive his social security benefit, which is a significant part of her financial support. She does not have any children or other family, and she has suffered two strokes. She is unable to work a full-time job and is now $800 per month short on her monthly bills. She is now connected with a financial counselor who is looking for ways to stabilize her situation. She owns her home and an extra car, so with a little help, it looks like she will be able to manage. We would like to cover her needs while she works with the financial counselor. She needs $1,600 to cover the shortfall for the next two months.






raised of a $1,600.00 goal

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