Need 21.47 – Mother Of Three Going Through Unwanted Divorce

Dedicated stay-at-home moms forsake many career opportunities in service to their families. When a husband files for divorce, his wife is often left in a vulnerable position. Even though a husband’s resumé is the result of the couple’s joint effort, any prospective employers do not see it that way. When a husband leaves a marriage, he often takes advantage of the leverage he possesses through his career in a way that is harmful to his wife and children.

This is exactly the scenario we alert you to today involving a mother of three young children (18 months, 4, 6) who needs our help. Her husband has filed for divorce and forced her into a temporary order which is a court-ordered arrangement covering housing, custody, finances, etc. The temporary order lasts sixty days at which point mediation takes place and final divorce terms are solidified. The issue with this specific temporary order is that it leaves the mother caring for her children most of the time, while also underfunding their basic needs by $1,000 each month. The husband’s response to this point has been to suggest that she “get a job.” We all know it’s not that simple in the short-term, even though employment for her will most likely be the long-term solution. We would like to sustain her and the children during the temporary order by giving her a total of $2,000 over the next two months.






raised of a $2,000.00 goal

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