Need 20.55 – College Student Needs Medical Procedure

We alert you today to a college student that needs help to get a medical procedure. She is very active in her community and is also involved in both the student ministry and the young adult ministry at her local church. However, for a few months, she has been in significant pain that has prevented daily activity. At her most recent doctor’s appointment, she discovered that she most likely has endometriosis. To find out for sure and to make it better, she must undergo surgery. The pro-bono work she filed for has brought the cost of the procedure down significantly. She has to pay $1,500 upfront and will not pay more than $3,500 in total, which is excellent news because it could have been close to a $20,000 procedure. The pre-op was yesterday, and surgery is scheduled for September 14th. She simply does not have the money to pay for the procedure. Her friends and family have come around her and provided $800 toward the $1500 upfront cost of the surgery. She lacks the remaining $700 to have the surgery. We would like to help her with the remaining $700.






raised of a $700.00 goal

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