Need 20.5 – Single Mother Facing Eviction

We alert you to a single mother of an 8-year-old little girl that is facing eviction. She has a stable work history and became ill in October with thyroid disease. While undergoing radiation treatment along with a clinical trial, she was told she was missing too much work. As a result, she lost her position with the company, and that was her only source of income. She has no family to lean on and has kept things together financially while searching for a new position for the past four months. She is waiting on final confirmation on her new job that is scheduled to begin on February 20th. Once she begins that new position, we are confident that she will be able to provide financially for herself and her child. She needs $2,300 to avoid eviction. We want to help her avoid eviction. (This need is time-sensitive. She will lose her home on Monday if the rent and fees are not paid)






raised of a $2,300.00 goal

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