Need 20.45 – Young Family In Need

We alert you today to a young family that needs help. The couple was married early last year. As a result of medical issues from earlier in her life, the wife was told she would never conceive a child. Two months into the marriage, she was pregnant with their first child, praise God! She is a Type 1 Diabetic and spent the last six weeks of her pregnancy on bed rest due to complications. She delivered the baby on March 15th of this year, right before the shutdown happened in her area. When they married, they changed their health insurance and were not expecting a child. The cost to have the child is settled, and they were able to make things work for prenatal care and delivery. The issue now is they she can not afford her meds for her diabetes. She needs the meds, and they cost her over $700 per month until she meets her deductible ($1,500). Her sugar level is not right, and she needs it stable so that she can return to work. They are also behind on a few bills, and we learned today that the husband’s job is shutting down for two weeks to quarantine after the discovery of a COVID-19 case in the facility. They need some support.

We would like to help her pay her deductible of $1,500 so that she can have meds for the next few months, and this will allow her to go out and work. They have already¬†cut out all luxuries like TV and other services. They need $310 to get current on their utilities, and they are $200 short on this month’s rent. We would also like to give them some food and daily supplies for the baby, an additional¬†$400. The Need totals $2,410.






raised of a $2,410.00 goal


  1. Ann Wright
    08.07.2020 at 10:37 am

    God is good! Keep believing!

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