Need 20.32 – 63-Year-Old Widow Suffered Stroke One Month Before COVID-19 Shutdown

We alert you today to a 63-year-old widow that suffered a stroke on February 18th of this year. While recovering, he was laid off from his healthcare sales position due to the COVID-19 shut down on March 20th. He is receiving unemployment but does not have company health insurance any longer. He needs physical therapy to regain his ability to secure employment. The clock is ticking on his unemployment that will drop significantly in July. In the meantime, he is paying for therapy sessions with money needed for his regular monthly bills. We want to help him get his therapy sessions every week for 12 weeks, as this is the most critical time for him to make progress from his stroke. We also would like to pay one month of his rent to help him extend his unemployment money past July and into early fall. The 12 weeks of therapy and one month of rent combined total to $3,158.






raised of a $3,158.00 goal

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