Need 19.69 – Ray Is Working Himself Out of Homelessness

If you have been getting our Need Alerts for any amount of time, you know that we work with local churches to support their benevolence ministries. When appropriate, we raise money to provide relief for those in need through Need Alerts just like this. Need Alerts are always anonymously written, and we do not identify the person you are helping. Well, today is different.

Meet Ray.

When we connected with Ray, he had been homeless and sleeping outside near our newest church partner's building. He has been homeless for one year and regularly attends services at our new partner. He connected with a member of the church staff, and when asked what they could do to help, the would always respond with requests like asking for a computer to use, or a ride to a certification or exam. Ray has a goal. He has a plan to get out of homelessness and gain employment stability by learning a new trade. Ray is training to become a hearing aid repair technician and has secured a job that will earn him $55k per year. He has also secured an apartment. He does not have a car and can get where he needs to be for work on public transportation.

The issue is that he is not earning his full pay yet because he is just getting started in his field. When I talked to Ray and asked where we could come alongside him, he said he was sleeping on the floor, and he would love a bed. He explained that every night, he showers and then lays his towels on the floor and sleeps on them before heading to work the next morning. He also mentioned that if he had an extra bed and some pots and pan, his two children could come to visit him at his new apartment. Finally, he told me that he took the state Hearing & Instrument Board Exam, and he passed two of the three sections. He must retake the test and pass the final part to move on in his new career. The cost is $400 to sit for the exam.

We have sourced two new queen beds with frames and bedding for $1,300 total. We have also found pots and pans along with other kitchen utensils for $150. We would also like to cover the expense of his exam.






raised of a $1,850.00 goal

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