Need 19.64 – Single Woman Hospitalized

We alert you today to a single woman that is homeless due, in part, to several hospitalizations. She was evicted from her apartment along with her 14-year -old son, twenty-year-old daughter, and her daughter (the woman's granddaughter). All of them are relying on her, and she has lost control of her finances while dealing with her health issues, and they are now living in her car. She is back working full-time and will receive her first paycheck this Friday. As with many needs, this need is complicated, but this one was unusually difficult for me to determine whether or not this need warranted a Need Alert to you. After much prayer, I decided to lean toward mercy over accountability and to try to help her with one week of motel rent. I feel that this is the right decision and also feel sure that this is all we should do at this point. One week in the motel is $370, and we would like to buy her a little time to make living arrangements.






raised of a $370.00 goal


  1. Ann Wright
    09.10.2019 at 9:03 am

    I love this explanation of this alert! Mercy over accountability!

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