Need 19.51 – Car Repairs Take Up Rent Money

We alert you to a single mother of three children, with no child support, that needs help with her rent. She has a long history of work and providing for herself and her children. She had to have unexpected major repairs (head gasket) done to her 2016 car last month. She spent the $900 on the repairs and a rental car because she was not willing to miss work. That was the exact right move in this situation. We see this sort of problem arise often, and we always encourage the person in need to place their employment as the highest priority and keep getting up and going to work through the trial. She did so and is now $900 behind on her rent. She has the October rent but needs to pay the September rent before they will even allow her to make her regular rent payment. We want to help her with the money she needs to get her rent up to date.






raised of a $900.00 goal

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