Need 19.48 – Mother of 4 Separated From Her Husband

We alert you today to a mother of four children (14,11,6, 7 months) that has been separated from her husband for the past year due to his immigration status. If you take a look at the age of the children, you can see that he was deported and split from his family while his wife was pregnant with their fourth child. She has been able to hold everything together financially even through the pregnancy but has run into tough times this month. She has worked full time the entire month but not paid because the company is struggling. She is in severe need at this point, and we have come alongside her though our local church partner to provide food and diapers. She also needs $900 for her rent and $300 for utilities. We want to help her with these bills this month and are confident she will be able to sustain herself going forward.






raised of a $1,200.00 goal

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