Need 19.45 – Father Of Three Needs Help

We alert you today to a husband and father of three girls (4, 2, newborn) that needs help. He has need in a couple of different areas, and I think it might be helpful for me to quickly explain when we alert you and when we don't so that you can better understand this Need. All Needs fall into one or more of the following categories; rehabilitation, development, and relief. We only alert you of the relief that is needed. In the areas of rehabilitation and development, we cheer, guide, encourage, and pray for the person in Need. No amount of money will rehabilitate them or develop them past their Need. They have to do that work on their own, and we are beside them, through our local church partner, in that work. Often, people, have development Need along with a relief situation, and that is what we have with this husband and father.

This family spent several years in full-time ministry. As they added to their family, it became clear that the father needed additional work to support his family. He got into auto sales and over the past few years has been the top salesperson at his dealership at time or two. The mother stays home with the young children but does have a small work from home job that makes just a $100 per week or so. Overt the past few months, the dealership that he works has been in decline. They are failing as a group, and it is not just him. He has held on as long as he can and even though he is at the lot almost every day, he not making the sales he needs to support his family. We are working with him through our employment partner and helping him find stable employment that will provide steady income. The issue is not whether he is talented or willing to work; it is that he is in a failing situation (Development).

He is currently behind on making his rent payment and utilities for the month. We want to provide him relief in this area as we address the employment issue. The total for rent and utilities is $1,500. He does have $600 in his account, but if he applies that to rent and we pay the rest, he will be left without any food or gas money for the month. We want to help him with one-month bills for $1,500.






raised of a $1,500.00 goal

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