Need 19.40 – Student Needs Help

We alert you today to a hard-working single mother that is graduating college with a degree in journalism in December of this year. She is 27-years old and supports herself and her 6-year-old son. She has worked her way through school and to move up her graduation date December, this summer she took on five classes as well as two internships. She performed well in the courses as well as the internships. However, her employer of three years has not been very supportive and began removing her from shifts because she could not work as much as she has for him over the past three years. She is wrapping up finals, and the internships are complete, but she is behind on her rent and car payment to a total of $1,285. We are confident that if we can help her this month that she will be back on track.






raised of a $1,285.00 goal

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