Need 19.34 – 59-Year-Old Bus Driver Suffers Ruptured Disc

We alert you today to a 59-year-old single man that suffered a ruptured disc. He has been a city bus driver for 26 years. A few weekends ago, he was walking his dog and stepped into a small pothole. He felt pain in his hip but seemed ok. So he went on a light bike ride later that day, and all looked good. Then he took a thirty-minute nap, and when he woke, he was in severe pain. He went to his doctor on that Monday and was misdiagnosed with bursitis. That night he could not bear the worsening pain and called an ambulance. The hospital again misdiagnosed him with sciatic nerve pain. Both doctors had now subscribed pain pills and sent him home. The following night he had to call the ambulance again but asked to go to a different hospital. There he received the correct diagnosis of a ruptured L4/L5 disc. He is being treated now for the proper injury but can not return to work for six weeks. We want to help him with his remaining June bills and his July bills. The total is $1,745.






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