Need 19.31 – New Mother Flees Abusive Fiancé – Goal Met!

We alert you for the third and final time this week. We try hard not to alert you of more than two needs per week, but this week it is necessary, and we hope you understand. We are working hard to grow the group to prevent overload so if you know a friend that would like to join you in this group; please share One Need with them. Now, on to the Need Alert.

Today's alert is for a young mother that needs help with a legal bill and child care. She was engaged to be married when she became pregnant. They put the wedding on hold, and she had the child. Two weeks after having the child, the fiancé became physically abusive. She fled several states away with her two-week-old child to be near her family network. A custody battle ensued and she incurred $6,500 in legal fees. She was asking for mediation the entire time and wanted to legal struggle, but she had no choice. She took a very low paying job to allow her time to be with her son. Over the past year, she has scrapped and clawed to make ends meet and when she reached out to us she was about to pull the trigger on filing for bankruptcy.

We began working with her and coaching her in several different areas. She has decided to work with her creditors in place of filing for bankruptcy, and she is diligently looking for better work and or additional work. She is also working well with the father of the child to provide him with time with his child. We are going to continue to work closely with her to help her get on her feet financially as well and emotionally. Most of this, she is going to be able to dig out of by waking up early and getting to work. However, she has a few debts that could derail her if they go unpaid. She has paid $5,500 of her legal fees and needs the remaining $1,000. She is also behind on childcare and in danger of losing the childcare due to the debt she owes the facility of $550. We want to help her with these bills. We will them continue to coach and cheer her on as she develops and recovers.






raised of a $1,550.00 goal

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