Need 19.25 – Widow Needs New Roof – Goal Met!

We alert you for the first time this week to a widow in need. She lost her husband in 2015 after a very long battle with a congenital heart defect. They spent a tremendous amount of time in and out of the hospital throughout their marriage, and towards the end of her husband's life, specific routine maintenance issues with the house got neglected. She is not left with any life insurance, but she does work full-time. All of her immediate family has also passed away, and she has two children and two grandchildren. Our local church partner discovered several weeks ago that her roof was leaking severely. For the past year, she has been defending the house against the water with a tarp on the roof. We are working with our local partner to get her a new roof and have identified a reliable vendor and gotten the total cost to replace the roof. The company is willing to replace her entire roof for $3,900. We realize this is a substantial financial need and are going to keep this Need Alert open for 48 hours or until the goal gets met, whichever comes first. We are praying for the entire amount, but if for some reason we come up short, we will apply the raised amount and work on other options for the balance.






raised of a $3,900.00 goal

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