Need 19.23 – Construction Contractor Needs Help – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a construction contractor that needs help. He and his business partner lost their business last year. His partner did make some mistakes, but the bottom line is that he lost his business and his only source of income. He is a Christian and attends one of our local church partner's services. He is well known and respected in his community. That may have been one of the reasons he was so hesitant to ask for help until his need became urgent. He has lost his home and is in real danger of losing his work truck. Last week we began working closely and walking with him. He was just at the point where he could not seem to figure out the next right step. He is going to work his way out of this and started that process by alerting his friends, family, and community that he needed construction contractor type work. The work had flooded in! However, he needs help getting his car insurance back up to date, so he does not compound his problems with a traffic incident. We would also like to get him a gift card for daily supplies for the next few weeks. He has been volunteering at a local food pantry and painting for them, so food is not the issue. He needs gas money and other operational things while doing the jobs that have recently come in for him. To get the insurance started and the first month will be $672, and we would like to give him a $250  gift card.






raised of a $922.00 goal

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