Need 18.93 – Family Of Five In Need – Goal Met!

We alert you, most likely for the last time in 2018, to a family of five that is in need. The father works as an auto body technician, and the mother is a Registered Nurse. On November 30th the father's father died suddenly of an abdominal aortic aneurysm. The father asked his boss for one week off to help comfort his mother. He had worked with the same company for nine years, and they fired him upon his return to work. The boss stated that he did not know anyone that needed that kind of time off for a family death and he had a business to run. I am very familiar with the details of the situation, and I place work very high on the priority list. I believe the son did the right thing by stepping up to serve his mother and take the family leadership role during this traumatic time. He did not expect to lose his job when he returned to work. The mother was granted leave and has continued to work. The father is frantically looking to secure employment, but all prospects are telling him that it will be early January before they will hire anyone. They need help with their rent and utilities for the month, and we want to help them pay these bills totaling $1,600






raised of a $1,600.00 goal

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