Need 18.88 – New Teacher Needs Help – Goal Met!

We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a new teacher that needs some help. She spent part of her career working as the children's pastor at a local church. She resigned last year because she wanted to be more of a hands-on teacher rather than leading and managing other teachers. She is a single mother of three children ages 11, 10, 8. She has supported herself and her children for the past year by tutoring online and cleaning houses while she searched for a full-time teaching position. The Monday before Thanksgiving she secured the job she has felt called to for the past year. She began working as a full-time public middle school teacher working with children with autism. The issue is that she was forced to give up her other two jobs to work this new position. She is paid one time per month at her teaching position, and this has left her without income until Dec 21st. As a result, she can not pay her monthly bills this month. She is still doing some tutoring before school every morning, and that is providing some income, but it is not enough to make ends meet. She is also attending a Dave Ramsey course and acting on those principles. I am confident that she will be able to sustain herself moving forward, but she does need some help this month. We want to help her with her mortgage payment and utilities this month for the total amount of $1,400.






raised of a $1,400.00 goal

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