Need 18.85 – Child Care Assistance – Goal Met!

We alert you to a mother in need of help paying for child care. She has recently separated from the father due to his drug and alcohol addictions. The father is getting treatment now, and our prayer is that he recovers and the family gets back together. Please join us in that prayer. She is also dealing with the recent death of her stepfather. His passing has left her mother alone and living on only one income. She is doing her best to try to support her mother while dealing with her situation. She is working full time and has an excellent work history. However, she is behind on her child care bill and in danger of losing his enrolment unless she clears the balance by the end of the week. If she is not able to keep her child enroled in the daycare, she will not be able to work. We want to provide her relief by clearing the $760 balance. We are confident that she will have the ability to keep payments current going forward.






raised of a $760.00 goal

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