Need 18.75 – Single Mother Physically Abused – Goal Met!

We alert you today to a single mother of a 14-month-old baby. She worked full time and was living with the father of her child up until the beginning of October. The couple was working toward getting married when the father became physically abusive in an incident on October 3rd. The police intervened, and the mother has left home with the child. She had just paid all of their bills for the month, but because the father's name is on the lease, she was unable to stay in the home. She is now homeless and working toward getting a new apartment. She is working every day and is even being recruited to a new company that will pay her $22 per hour, that is a $4 per hour increase in her pay. The new position is also much closer to the town she lives in and will decrease her commute by over 90 minutes per day. That will significantly impact her childcare cost. I wish each of you could talk to her. She has been through so much, but she remains very driven to provide for herself and her child. She has goals and is working every day to reach them and is such a hard and consistent worker. Due to the timing of the incident, she does not have any funds to pay for the added expense of moving into a new place. She paid her monthly bills, and now she finds herself out of that home. We want to help her with the funds needed to secure a new apartment for her and her child. The expenses include first months rent, security deposit, application fees, and gate key fees.






raised of a $2,432.00 goal

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