Need 18.66 – Young Husband/Father Dealing With Long-Term Illness – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a 32-year-old husband and father of four that is dealing with a long-term illness. Approximately four years ago he was diagnosed with Crohn's disease. As the symptoms continued to get worse, the diagnosis changed to Autoimmune disease. Later, they began to suspect Lupus. He has spent approximately half of the past three years in the hospital. Before his illness, he owned his own small business employing six or seven people. He has completely lost that business and all the assets associated with it. He is unable to eat and has a port that feeds him nutrients directly into his bloodstream. He has lost almost all of his teeth, and the 6-foot 3-inch man that once weighed 193 pounds today weighs just 128 pounds. The doctors still are trying to figure out how to make him well, and the family is adjusting to a working mother and a father that is, for now, disabled.

The family has many needs at this point, and one of our local church partners is holding an art event to raise funds for them this Friday night. They are working directly with a financial counselor to prioritize the use of the funds raised as their needs are many. The needs include dental work for the father, medical bills, requirements for the children and more.

We want to help them in this time of need. The way we are handling this Need Alert is a little different. We are going to hold this need open for 48 hours. It will be a sort of digital "pass the hat." I will set the goal for this need at $10,000 with absolutely no expectations. I don't want to limit anyone from giving by setting too low a target. I do know the size of our group and if everyone gives I may have to raise the goal pretty quickly. The check will be presented to them at the event on Friday night.






raised of a $6,535.00 goal

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