Need 18.64 – Young Parents Need Help – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a young couple that is in need of some help. They have a 2-year-old daughter, and both parents work to make ends meet. One month ago the mother was hospitalized because she was vomiting and in tremendous pain. The doctors discovered that she had Pancreatitis, stones in her gallbladder, and she needed surgery. However, the doctors also found that she was pregnant. She had no idea, and they determined at that time that she was seven weeks along in her pregnancy. She can not undergo the needed surgery until her second trimester. This bittersweet ordeal has caused her to miss many days of work, and they have had some added medical bills to pay. They are unable to pay rent for September and need some groceries to bridge the gap until the father gets paid late next week. The father is picking up more hours, and we believe they will be able to make it if we help them this month. We want to pay their rent and get them some groceries.

Rent - $895

Groceries - $200






raised of a $1,095.00 goal

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