Need 18.53 – 70-Year-Old Man and His Wife Need Help – Goal Met!


We alert you to a very sick 70-year-old man and his wife that are in need. The husband has Parkinson's, diabetes, kidney disease, and a few other health problems. His wife is his full-time caretaker. In February he underwent surgery on his neck where the doctors fused seven vertebrae. He was supposed to be bedridden for six to eight weeks, but the week after he came home from the hospital his wife was unexpectedly admitted to the hospital for what resulted in a 3-week stay. She had two abscessed teeth that spread to her bloodstream. With all of the added medical expenses, they have fallen behind on almost all of their bills. We are working with them closely through our local partner and want to help them with a few of the bills to ease the financial pressure and stabilize them a bit. They are in danger of having their power and gas disconnected and are also at risk of losing their only car. We want to address these needs.






raised of a $1,010.00 goal

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