Need 18.35 – Single Mother Recovering From Loss Of 4-Year-Old Son


We alert you today to a single mother that is recovering from losing her 4-year-old son to Leukemia last year. He went through three trials, and the doctors did everything they could to cure him. The mother still has a 14-year-old daughter in the home and is trying her best to put the pieces back together. She was not able to keep a stable job during the treatments and lived with family most of that time. She has since moved her and her daughter into an apartment and has been working full time. She found it hard to keep pace with a more demanding job and has been working a lower paying, but more moderate stress position. This position barely pays the bills, and she has realized that she needs to make the jump to the higher paying position. She has done so but not before several minor issues have piled up leaving her unable to pay her rent and car payment. She is on track and working hard at the new position, and we are confident that she can move forward, but she needs some help this month. We want to help her with her rent and car payment this month.






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