Mother of 3 Abandoned By Her Husband – Need 17.80 – Goal Met!


We alert you today of a mother of three girls (14,11,9) that was abandoned by her husband last month. She partnered with her husband in providing half the income for the family by working 40 per week in healthcare for the past nine years. He left with no warning and has thrown her and the girl's lives into financial chaos. She has been unable to pay her rent, but the landlord is lenient because he knows her situation. She is working to secure a smaller, two bedroom, apartment to lower her expenses. She has also is very close to gaining additional part-time employment for 24 hours per week. She has tried to reach her husband, but he has not responded to her or any other family members, and she has been forced to make plans for life without him. We are confident that this hardworking and dedicated mother can make ends meet with the additional employment, 64 hours per week, and reduced expenses. We would like to help her out of the hole that she has been thrown into and help her on her way.






raised of a $1,920.00 goal

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