Husband Abandoned – Need 17.71 – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a husband abandoned by his wife. She has left their state with their three children after connecting with another man on Facebook. She has a history of this sort of behavior, but in recent years the family has been doing well. The father is a Christ follower and an active member of one of our local church partners. The husband/father has pursued them and is exhausting all legal action to reconnect with his children. The time spent dealing with the legal process also cost him his job. He has since regained employment and is working full time.

His wife paid their bills every month and when she left he discovered that she had not paid many of the monthly bills for months. She had taken the money out of the bank as if she paid the bills but only move the funds to a separate account. He is making ends meet, but not earning enough to correct the backed utilities on top of the added legal and travel expenses. He has been living without water or power for several months now.

We would like to help him get his water and power reconnected.






raised of a $750.00 goal

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