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We alert you today of a former Marine in need of dental care. After his time in the marines this young man turned to drugs and alcohol to deal with the stresses of his life. After many years in addiction he was forced into bankruptcy in November of 2015. A few months later he gave his life to Christ. Since then he has made the necessary steps to get help and has been sober for 7 months. He is working full-time and providing for his wife and their 2 children.

He had been living in severe pain with multiple teeth that needed to be extracted for quite some time. Barely getting by month-to-month, he just simply did not have the money to get help. We were able to connect him with one of our Area Experts in Dentistry and they were able to give him the dental services at a greatly reduced rate. (They also did not make him pay for the services up front.) He was able to get 4 teeth extracted and some other services. The cost of the services is $430 and we would like to help him with the bill. Normally we would raise the money first, but he was in severe pain and if you have ever had dental pain you understand the urgency it can create.

Please consider helping this young man who is on the right track.


Dental Services - $430

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