Need 18.4 – Christian Converted Muslim Refugee Family – Goal Met!


The title of this Need Alert may look familiar to you. If so, it is because we have been working with this family through our local church partner since last August (Need Alert 17.50).

The family converted to Christianity in Pakistan, and as a result, were severely persecuted for their faith. A group of men even beat the wife with a steel pipe, and she is still disabled as a result of the beating. They fled Pakistan to Sri Lanka and then through the work of a Christian mission organization made their way to the United States.

The family is sustaining pretty well but each month is a struggle. Last time, Need Alert 17.50, we helped them with their rent for the month. Our local church partner is committed to this family and works with them on almost a daily basis. The husband is still working day labor type jobs but trying to transition to an auto mechanic position that will provide more steady work. The wife is healing but still unable to work.

Through the church's involvement in this family's transition, it has come to our attention that they are dealing with a significant debt for the airfare needed to get them from Pakistan to eventually the U.S. They are on such a tight budget, and the payments for the airfare are coming due. The total debt is $3,000; however, the people of the local church that are connecting with them have pulled together $1,800. That leaves $1,200 more to eliminate this debt on this transitioning family.

We would like to continue to support them and eliminate this debt.






raised of a $1,200.00 goal

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