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We alert you today of a 2 year old child with Down syndrome that is in need of some developmental help. The child has made enormous gains in her motor skills and is also progressing well in her cognitive abilities. However, she is struggling with speech and social skills. The child would benefit a great deal from interactions with typically developing peers for good speech models and social skills. Due to the child's age there are not any publicly funded school programs for the child. She needs to attend a private child care facility to gain this exposure. However, her family simply can not afford the tuition.

We have worked closely with the occupational therapist for the child and have identified the ideal school for her. The school is housed in a local church and will provide structured play groups for her to learn from peer interactions. She will also receive individual therapy sessions to help facilitate these learning opportunities.

We have been able to get the cost of the program to $100 per month. She can start classes in October and the school session ends in May.

This is a really great opportunity to have a long term positive impact on a family and their child.


Tuition - $800

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If you have any questions please email Rodney McClure at rodney@oneneed.org

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