Need 18.17 – Single Father Facing Eviction – Goal Met!


We alert you today to a single father that is facing eviction. We are working closely with him through our local partner. He is very active in the community and volunteers with multiple nonprofits and community organizations. He has enjoyed a level of success professionally most of his life, but things have broken down over the past few years. His wife left their marriage for another man and his employer for many years terminated his employment. There are many details of the employment termination that was illegal, and the company did agree to pay him a settlement. However, halfway through the agreed monthly payments, they stopped paying him the owed compensation, and he just does not have the funds to fight them any longer. He has been scrambling to secure employment the entire time, and it looks like he has done so right at the wire. He has his third interview with a nationally recognized company next week, and it does seem like he has the position. The problem is that he does not have money for rent this month or his utilities. He is tapped of all savings and has no revenue. We genuinely feel like if we can help him get through this month and avoid eviction that he will have a good chance going forward to stabilize himself financially.






raised of a $1,800.00 goal

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