Need 18.89 – 25-Year-Old Young Professional In Need – Goal Met!

raised of a $2,100.00 goal
We alert you today to a 25-year-old young professional that is at risk of becoming homeless. She was raised in and out of homelessness by a mother and father that both battled debilitating drug addiction. She has not seen her father in years, and she now cares for both her 18-year-old brother and her mother that is mentally ill. Although she works a full-time professional job, she is ...

Need 18.88 – New Teacher Needs Help – Goal Met!

raised of a $1,400.00 goal
We alert you today, for the last time this week, to a new teacher that needs some help. She spent part of her career working as the children's pastor at a local church. She resigned last year because she wanted to be more of a hands-on teacher rather than leading and managing other teachers. She is a single mother of three children ages 11, 10, 8. She has supported herself and her chi ...

Need 18.87 – One Week Of Housing – Goal Met!

raised of a $480.00 goal
We alert you today to a single mother, of two daughters ages seven and four, that is on the verge of homelessness. She was living with a friend that owned a home, and she was splitting the monthly bills. The friend abruptly kicked her out of the house. She moved to a motel and began making plans to secure an apartment. The father of the children agreed to help by paying every other we ...

Need 18.86 – 4th-Grade Teacher In Need

raised of a $1,820.00 goal
We alert you today to a 4th-grade teacher in danger of being evicted from her apartment. This single mother of a one-year-old son works full time as a teacher. She is also attending graduate school for her masters in education administration and works part-time waitressing on nights and weekends. A few weeks ago she fell asleep on her way home from her waitressing job and hit a teleph ...

Need 18.85 – Child Care Assistance – Goal Met!

raised of a $760.00 goal
We alert you to a mother in need of help paying for child care. She has recently separated from the father due to his drug and alcohol addictions. The father is getting treatment now, and our prayer is that he recovers and the family gets back together. Please join us in that prayer. She is also dealing with the recent death of her stepfather. His passing has left her mother alone and ...

Need 18.84 – Single Mother Lost Job – Goal Met!

raised of a $504.00 goal
We alert you today to a single mother and two young children that are in need. She does not receive any support from the father, and she lost her job last month. She was performing well in her role, but the business slowed, they reduced her hours, and she had to seek new employment. She has a stable work history and usually can provide for herself and the children. She secured a new j ...