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Since 2010 One Need has been working with people, one need at a time. Each is worked with directly and personally, and we seek to understand their entire situation. We do not have any set rules, and we operate from a position of love and mercy. We work with local churches and nonprofit organizations. All our needs start and end with our partners.


All our needs begin and end with our partners. We strive to build a community of like-minded "Deeders" so that our community is there to step in and show the power and unity of the gospel!




Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for your sins. If you want to leave your old life behind, then turn to him, asking for the forgiveness for which Jesus paid. Ask Him to forgive you, to come into your life, and He will.


Follow our feeds below to Learn more about how to help meet needs in your community. Read the Needs stories to be inspired by how God is using even the smallest faith acts and combining those acts together to show the world that God is love.


This is why we exist! We are here to help the church be the church in a digital age. We can use this world wide communication system we have in the internet to connect the body of Christ and meet the personal need. Below are the most recent needs in our Need section.


Need 18.71 - Mother 6 Months Pregnant with 2-Year-Old Son - Goal Met!

Story We alert you to a mother that is six months pregnant and has a 2-year-old son. The father abandoned them and left them homeless. We a ...

raised of a $1,100.00 goal

Need 18.70 - Mother With 5 Children Flees Abusive Husband - Goal Met!

Story We alert you today to a mother that has fled an abusive husband. She is now on her own with five children and stating her life over. ...

raised of a $3,500.00 goal

Need 18.69 - Husband Forced To Leave Job - Goal Met!

Story We alert you today to a husband that was forced to leave his employment. He spent the past seven years building cell towers as an ele ...

raised of a $302.00 goal