Why Do We Do It?

Why Do We Do It?

One Need is a Care System for Churches, however, to say that is telling you HOW and WHAT we do at One Need. After some internal discussions we thought important to share with each of you WHY we are all doing this. (We do not pretend for one second that we do this alone. We simply coordinate efforts. The One Need Deeders and Local Church Partners are the ministry) So with that being said, we now share with you the 4 main reasons we do all of this.

1.) We see God's image on every man, woman, and child. (Even when they have problems and need help)

2.) Our heart breaks when someone in need reaches out to The Church for help and slips through the cracks.

3.) We believe The Church should be unified in their effort to reach the lost.

4.) We want to reach the lost with The Gospel.

We have a very detailed and effective system for coordinating care efforts at many local churches that are located in many different communities, and it was all built and operates as a result of these 4 points. As a Deeder, we believe you share these same feelings. One Need is yours to use, we gladly give it to you.

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