Super Bowl of the Gospels.

Super Bowl of the Gospels.

If you are a football fan, many of us just witnessed one of the most prolific comeback stories. We watched, probably the greatest quarterback of all time, direct his team in play after play. Being in Atlanta, of course we were heart broken, but at the same time I haven’t met many that can say that was not amazing.

In any televised sporting event, we as the viewers get to experience the benefits of the instant replay. Specifically with football, there is a review process to determine the outcome of a particular play. The refs enter a booth and see the play from every angle so they can get a FULL picture of what transpired.

So why are we talking about football? Well, I thought this analogy would be the best way to describe the “Synoptic Gospels”. Jesus walked this earth performing mind blowing miracles and speaking profound words. Unfortunately, we were not there! However, we have the instant replay in the Bible. We have four camera angles and this is the way they should be taken in. Let’s review our four “camera angles”.

Matthew - There is a lot of RED letters in Matthew. There are more red letters in Matthew than in any other gospel. Matthew’s angle was to record the “words” of Jesus.

Mark - In this books we find more miracles and experiences of Jesus than the others, so Mark angle was to record the “acts” of Jesus.

Luke - Luke was a physician. Based on that knowledge we could probably understand Luke to be very systematic. So we turn to Luke for a record of the “chronology” of Jesus.

John - John is the most interesting, in my opinion. John’s book deals more with the insight of Jesus’s dealings, specifically with the disciples. We see his struggles and burdens. John attempts to record the “heart” of Jesus.

So we have four different camera angles. Many of the gospels record the same event(s). This is where we get the term “Synoptic Gospels”. As you are learning and reading, take the time to find and read the other perspectives. Some reveal certain things that the others do not. It really helps us gain a full perspective so that we can understand our Savior better!

Soli Deo Gloria

Jesse Horne

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