Samuel can you hear me?

Samuel can you hear me?

In the book of Samuel, there is a story of the young prophet’s calling. The story starts in 1 Samuel 1 with a barren woman, Hannah, that prays to the Lord for a son and promises to dedicate the child to the Lord if she was given a son (1 Samuel 1:11). The Lord heard her prayer and she had a son (1 Samuel 1:20) and after he was of age she brought him to the temple to serve the Lord under the guidance of Eli for all his days. She names the boy “Samuel” which means “The Lord Hears”.

Chapter 3 tells of Samuel’s calling. The text tells us in verse 1 that the word of the Lord was rare, but he audibly calls out to Samuel on three different occasions. Samuel, having never heard the Word of the Lord, goes to his mentor Eli. Eli realizes that the voice must be from the Lord so he instructs Samuel to respond. When Samuel responds with “speak Lord for you servant hears”, the Lord reveals His plan to Samuel and Samuel’s calling begins.

Out of all the different ways the Lord communicated to his prophets, this story stuck in my mind because of something that I have missed over so many times reading this passage. Samuel had never heard the word of the Lord, yet his name was directly related to how his mother, Hannah, prayed and “the Lord hears” her prayer… Shemuel(Samuel) = The Lord Hears.

The simple application that can be pulled may not be so obvious. The Lord hears, of course, but are we ready to hear Him? I don’t know about you, but I don’t have an expectation of an audible voice from heaven and I don’t need that to have a growing faith. What I do need is to read this Bible continually and recognize the answers that the Holy Spirit confirms in my heart and is ratified by the Word of God (Bible).

What is really amazing to me is how Jesus confirms this in John chapter 10. He describes himself as the good shepherd and gives the analogy of shepherd tending to his sheep… us. In verse 27 he said “my sheep hear my voice, and I know them and they follow me”.

So the nuts and bolts of it all… Are we in the Word enough to discern false teaching; to confirm God’s calling on our lives; to know how God operates in mercy, grace, justice; to weigh and examine our emotions against His Word; to worship Him with ferocity and abandon… Get in the Word so you can KNOW HIS VOICE!

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