Repent in the Dust.

Repent in the Dust.

I think sometimes we fall into the trap that God is only God when “blessings flow”. In my last post, I discussed Job responding to his friends and telling them how wisdom is obtained. In the very next chapter (29), Job starts to belly ache a little bit.

It made me think. There is SO much preaching and even advice out there that says “Give it to God and your life will be better”. Is that really the kind of message that Jesus asks us to spread in the commission?

I know that makes it an easy message, right? To tell others, “Hey, your wallet will get fatter if you just claim it in Jesus name” or “You have problems because you haven’t given it over to the Lord”. What if that person is like Job? Or even Paul? Remember that Jesus said about Paul in Acts 9 that Paul would SUFFER GREATLY for the name of Christ.

So what am I trying to convey here? There is no blessing? Absolutely NOT! My point is that we come to God in dust and ashes, because our sin has earned for us NO favor. It has earned for us NO mercy. It has earned for us NO blessing. Our sin, according to Romans 3:23, has only earned for us death… separation from the God that provides all of those things.

Job eventually gets there. Later on in the book, God reminds him and Job responds… in his sickness, in destitution… “I repent in the dust”. Job experienced what he gave lip service to in chapter 28. He caught a glimpse of the God whom he must fear and responded with GREAT wisdom… I repent in the dust.

What about us? Do we find ourselves entitled to the blessings of God? The question I ask myself frequently is this: “If EVERYTHING I have was taken from me, is my repentance and faith in Christ ENOUGH to KNOW that God is good?”

It is a sobering question… one I think we should all examine.

Soli Deo Gloria

Jesse Horne

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