Our Will, Not God's Desire.

Our Will, Not God’s Desire.

If you are paying attention at all or maybe even if you are not, you are being hit up with the way of the world. The world rewards and respects the "go-getter" The one that will win at all cost and will stop at nothing to be a winner. The violent man is many times celebrated, as long as he is on the right side, and we behave as if sexual behaviors should be based solely on the way we feel. We are told that we must follow our hearts and make sure that we are happy and that happiness only will come to us if we first seek our heart's desire.

Many businesspeople, politicians and even pastors spend 99% of their time pursuing money and power, then give a small portion of their time and resources back to those in need, in front of cameras no doubt, and are by lavished with praise as they are labeled as generous and philanthropic. We hate our enemies and many times even our friends. Many of us, no matter what we do to change our appearance, still do not like what we see in the mirror. No matter how hard we try, the world just does not seem to run smoothly. Have you ever wondered why? If we are working so hard why are things not going smoother? Why are things not more natural? The answer? ..... We are not supposed to live this way. This lifestyle is not God's plan for us. These actions are a result of our free will, not God's will.

If it sounds like I am harsh, please understand that I include myself in these descriptions. I consider my self the most guilty. God is so clear about how he wants us to live and we will never live a perfect life. However, this same God's grace is sufficient for us. If you are struggling and want to talk about any of this, please know that we are here. We will speak with you and connect you with people that can guide you.


In Christ,

Rodney McClure

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