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We are so excited about the growth of One Need and it's ever increasing reach in to the lives of those that are lost and hurting.  It is our honor to serve our partner churches in their benevolence efforts.  We continue working to take the focus off of the benevolence fund and place the focus on the benevolence of people.

At One Need, we create opportunities for christians to share their faith through showing love and compassion for people in need.  We do this by alerting christians of needs in their community.  Many times these needs have been discovered by their home church.

In 1 John 3:16-18 we are challenged to love not just in word and in tongue but in truth and deed.  Therefore, we call the christians we alert "Deeders".  To be a Deeder means that you have agreed to be made aware of needs in your church and community.  We know that no single Deeder can meet all the needs of their community.  We do believe, however, that if christians are made aware of needs in their community they will become active between sundays and the needs will be met.  We believe that the christians will share with others their One Need, Jesus.

If you would like to Join the Deeders please CLICK HERE

If you would like to learn more about how we support churches please CLICK HERE

We are asking you to share this post with just One other Christian. One Need's reach depends greatly on your willingness to share this ministry with others.  Please consider making a special effort to get just One person introduced to One Need.

We love you very much.

On Mission,


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