No Agenda.

No Agenda.

Recently, Rodney, Brian and I had lunch and were talking about a bunch of things… families, sports, one need, etc., ... really just talking about everything that buds talk about when they get together. One topic of discussion that came up was the topic of evangelism.

We talked about the gospel and the struggles that we see in sharing Christ with others. I believe a lot of the struggle stems from fear. Fear of not knowing what to say if questions arise. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of not completely knowing how to articulate what you believe in your heart to be true. We talked about why we would be fearful.

In looking at relationships with each other, we really lack intimacy. The kind of close relationship that lends itself to allowing one another to “mess up” or to talk open and honest. We do not usually struggle with sharing our passions with friends that we know will hear us. I am not suggesting that every relationship must be close friends, but we should strive to delve into deeper conversations with people…. if only to know how to pray for them or learn how to communicate the most important things.

So today, this lesson is simple. Approach a relationship with no agenda other than to listen and learn. Don’t worry about your gospel script or of any fears surrounding “getting it right”. Ask this simple question… “What do you believe happens to us after we die?” Again, don’t have an agenda. See where the conversation goes. Don’t offer what you believe will happen but instead listen. Take note of what your friends say and pray for them.

Check out John 4: 1-42 where Jesus talks to a woman getting water from a well. See how He talks with her about the subject they are both at… the well. Of course, He is Jesus, but there are very good questions he asks to help this woman think.

Remember... Listen, Pray and have no agenda.

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