Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.22 = Met!

We posted the below need alert

RESULT: The Deeders were able to raise $600 for this couple in need!! The Need Alert that was sent out last week is below:

A Couple Has Lost Everything in a Fire - Need 14.22

Good Wednesday Afternoon,

We alert you today of a couple that has lost everything due to fire.  They were living in a condo that they were leasing to own from a family member.  The plan was that their $900 per month payment would be applied to the $62,000 purchase price and that they would take ownership as soon as they could obtain financing.

Six months and $5,400 into the plan everything was going fine.  Then "their" condo and everything in it was totally destroyed by fire.  We all know that is why you have insurance right?  Well, the condo was insured.  However, they did not take out renters insurance.  They were of the understanding that they would be covered under the condo insurance owned by the family member that they made this great plan with.

Now that family member has decided she wants out of the deal. And she is out.  She is going to get the condo restored and has asked the couple to "move on".

There in lies the problem....  How do you move on when everything you own has been burned in a fire AND the insurance you thought would cover you does not?  Where do you start? How do you take your first step?

The answer is... The Church will step up.  You will step up.  You can help them take the first step to "move on".

Here is how you can help:

  1. Pray for every single person receiving this Need Alert and the couple in need.
  2. Buy a gift card and personally deliver or mail it to the couple.
  3. Make a 100% tax deductible donation to One Need.  100% of the money will be directed to this particular need. Click Here To do that.
  4. Help them find a place to live.  She is a student at KSU in Kennesaw, GA and he works at Dobbins AFB in Marietta, GA.  They are currently living on a blow up mattress at a friends house.
  5. Forward this Need Alert to anyone that will help and/or retweet this tweet.

If you need help or want to be connected to this couple, please email Rodney McClure at or call him at 678.431.8200.

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