Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.19 = Met!

We sent out this Need Alert last week….

Christian Counseling
Need 14.19

This morning we come to you with a Need Alert for a mother and her adult son.

The Son in Need of help:

He came home from the Marines in 2012 where he served for two tours Afghanistan. He has PTSD, TBI, terrible nightmares, memories, grief, loss, and back pain, which lead to pain killer addiction, heroine, and most recently cocaine.

His first marriage failed (she had an affair while he was deployed the second time) and he has an 7 year old son. He immediately entered into another relationship to a woman he was engaged to and they have a 9 month old son, but the engagement fell apart due to the addiction, and he committed a felony, which has not gone to court yet.

He lost his girlfriend, his home, his job, and went into Twelve Oaks Rehab in Florida for 35 days.

He came home a different man ready to take the tiger by the tail, but things have gone down hill since and he relapsed, keeping it a secret from everyone for about 30 days by lying about attending NA meetings.

It was discovered when he forged a check (third time).  He are two weeks out of that and tensions are great. He is floundering and so is the family.  His relationship with the mother of his second child is volatile and unhealthy, yet there is talk that they are going to “give it another try”!  This is RAW stuff and he is in need of help.

The Mother in Need of Counseling:

After a lengthly discussion, the mother revolved that she is struggling more than she thought with all of her son’s issues.  She is torn between the love for her son and her commitment to her husband.  She has asked for us to help her find reliable Christian Counseling.

RESULT: Multiple Deeders responded with counseling options.  Both are going to recieve councling in the coming weeks. 

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