Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.7 = Met!

Last week we sent out he following Need Alert to out Deeders…

Employment Need  – Need #14.6

We come to you today with a pretty simple need.  This need was submitted to us by a pastor and friend of One Need.  He has worked with this family to define a clear and concise need, that if met, will have a positive impact on their lives.

The husband and wife recently moved from South Carolina to Marietta, GA.  They do not have a network or family in the area.

The husband is a commercial truck driver and his job is keeping him on the road for extended periods of time.  He has a desire to be home more often.  He has an excellent DOT record.  However, he has a felony on his record too.

The wife has experience in dental offices and is looking for employment as well.  Currently she is unemployed.

So here are the two needs:

1.) Employment Opportunity for the husband.  He is a excellent driver with a great deal of experience.  Any lead or guidance you can give him would be wonderful.

2.) The wife needs local employment.  She has dental office experience, but is open to other opportunities.

If you think you can help with this need please email and he will guide you.

Result: 5 Deeders responded with opportunities to help both the husband and the wife.  The husband has secured a new job.  The wife has been told she will be hired but it is not final.

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