Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.6 = Met!

We sent out the following need alert last week…

Family in Need of Car Repairs – Marietta, Georgia (Need #14.6)

We hope you had a wonderful weekend and your time between sundays is off to a great start!

We come to you today with a need for a family in Marietta, GA.  The husband and wife have been married for 31 years and have 3 adult sons.  In the past few years the parents have fallen on hard times and recently lost their family home to foreclosure.  They are currently living in a Recreational Vehicle in Marietta.  The 54 year old husband works through serious health problems and the wife has been unable to find steady employment for months.

As hard as their situation had become they were still able to manage.  That was until both of the their cars broke down leaving them without transportation.  The employment for the husband is not in danger as he is able to walk to work.  However, this issue is making it even harder for the mother to find employment and the mother was also providing transportation to work for one of the grown sons.  Unfortunately, none of the boys are in a position to provide any support.  To add to it, the family does not attend church so they have no church family to lean on either.

Today one of our own Deeders recommended they reach out to us for help.  Our prayer is that we can help them with their practical need and pull them back into The Church body.

We have prayed with the mother over the phone, organized the relief effort, and are now alerting you of this need and informing you on how you can help.

The Practical Need:

1.) 1991 Ford F-150 Clutch Repair – The father has the parts. He just needs the labor.
2.) 2002 PT Cruiser mechanical assessment – It is overheating and will not go above 25 mph.
3.) Prayer for this need and this family.

Additional Need: We would love to see someone in the Marietta area visit them and pull them back into The Church body.  They currently live 2 miles from Marietta Square.

If you can help with this need please email  He will guide you from there.  Rodney is also willing to accompany you if your church is close to the Marietta square and you would like additional support visiting this family.

Result: Need Met!  A Deeder stepped up and took care of repairing the Ford Truck!

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