Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.3 = Met!

Another example of people being active #betweensundays

We send out the following alert last week:

Man in need of Employment – Roswell, GA (Need-14.3)

We have been made aware of 38 year old man in need of employment in Roswell, Georgia.  He is newly converted and has been a Christian for 10 months He attends Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Georgia and has been unemployed for just over a year.  He does not have a track record of employment problems but recently has run on hard times.  He has 16 years of work experience, 6 years experience in retail and 10 years experience as a security officer.  He continues to have positive interviews, but nothing seems to materialize.

During our discussion with the man we discovered that he was once a healthy 220# man, but his weight has jumped all the way to 478# over the past few years.  He has recently made some changes and is down to 428#….still 200# too heavy.  We both agreed that this may be a possible reason that the retail and security positions are not materializing.  

So here is the needs as we see them in a nutshell:

  1. He needs employment – If you can help him gain employment please respond to
  2. He needs help losing weight – Rodney McClure of One Need has agreed to help him with this, but could also use a team on this section of the need.  If you would like to join Rodney’s team on this section of the need just email him at
  3. Short term cash-flow –  This needs to be a loan.  He does not want a handout.  Also contact to help him with cash-flow.

Please realize that any and every need we send you has been thoroughly discerned and worked through, that is what we do.  This one is no different. Any relief that you are able to give this man is relief that will not be wasted.

Result: Need Met!

Two Deeders responded with possible employment opportunities.  He is currently pursuing those leads. Also, a Deeder provided him with a year of personal training as well as some fitness gear to get him started.  

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