Need Status Update: Need Alert 14.2 = Met!

Here is a copy of the alert we sent out for this need:

Abortion Plan Derailed by Sidewalk Counselor – Atlanta, GA (need#0116201401)

You may or may not know that we have recently begun to support a group of Abortion Clinic Sideway Counselors.  In a world that believes “Pro-Choice” means “only one choice” these brave and loving people literally save lives by pleading with mothers to listen to an alternative choice, life.  They have life and death conversations daily….truly the front lines. Tonight we bring the first of what we hope are many opportunities to help a mother that, against all odds, changed her plans and choose life.

The Mother’s Story:

She came to the clinic in October when she was 18 weeks pregnant and the baby’s father was not in the picture.  Up to this point in October she had always been stable in her home environment, having maintained a job and her current apartment for more than ten years.  She thought the only responsible option was abortion until she stopped to speak with the sidewalk counselor that day in October.  After a conversation and exposure to the truth of other options the mother chose to keep the child and the baby is due later this month!  During her pregnancy she has become unemployed.  This reality has continued to push her closer and closer toward consideration of her other option.  Last week we found the mother’s vehicle loaded up with personal items like her TV and past work supplies (she worked cleaning office buildings) in order to pawn them for money to pay her utilities.  This mother going homeless or selling every single thing she has is not the best option for her or her baby.

The Need:

The mother is on ZERO government assistance and realistically, she is unable to work for about two months after the baby arrives.  We are looking to see if there is a group that will help her by covering her bills of about $1,000 per month ($650 in rent and utilities) through April.  In this way she can rest easily, knowing that she is able to stay at her current location until she can get a job and get back on her feet.  When you respond to this need you will have the option of working directly with the sidewalk counselor, directly with the mother, or through One Need.

Please prayerfully consider this woman and her unborn child. This is one of those needs that is going to truly be life changing for the Needer and the Deeder.  This is EXACTLY the kind of thing we must be doing as followers of Christ.

If you would like to act on your faith and get involved, and we pray you do, please email Rodney McClure at or call him at 678.431.8200

Result: Need Met!

Within 3 days this need was met.  Many Deeders responded to financially support her.  A small group from Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell used the funds, and added to them, in their relief efforts.  The group has “adopted” the new mother and is currently looking after her practical needs and engaging her spiritual needs as well.

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